Space Blanket

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An Emergency Space Blanket (also known as a Mylar blanket, emergency blanket, first aid blanket, safety blanket, thermal blanket, weather blanket, heat sheet, or shock blanket) is an especially low-weight, low-bulk blanket made of heat-reflective, thin, plastic sheeting.

Ideal for hikers in remote areas where a protective emergency mylar blanket might be required. It is an essential life-saving tool suitable for outdoor adventure, travel, or disaster survival kits. It's portable and compact, in low temperatures environments it can maintain 90% of heat. Reflective to ensure rescue personnel can identify individuals.

Retain up to 90% of body heat in cold weather
Deflects heat in hot climates and can be used to offset hypothermic reactions.
The Emergency Blanket is waterproof, reusable, and portable.
It's perfect for camping trips and sporting events in addition to emergencies.


  • Size: 210x130cm
  • Weight: 60g