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Huawei Scale 3 Body Fat Scale

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Huawei Scale 3 Body Fat Scale White (Huawei Body Fat Scale 3)

Features and Specifications

HUAWEI Scale 3is a fashionable, secure, and reliable body fat scale product that can detect human body composition and supports Wi-Fi  and Bluetooth dual connection. It integrates features for weight measurement, four-electrode body fat measurement, and heart rate measurement, and can be used by multiple users.

The scales support the following features:

- Weight measurement
- Body fat measurement
- Resting heart rate measurement
- Multiple accounts
- Automatic syncing of data to the Huawei Health app
- Smart household recognition

Dimensions (L x W x D): 300 mm x 300 mm x 23.6 mm
Weight: 1.57 kg (excluding the battery)

Bluetooth 5.0, and supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices

Weighing sensor
Resistance strain gauge pressure sensor

Power supply
DC power supply by battery

DC 6.0 V battery (4 x 1.5 V AAA battery)

Battery lifespan
About 180 days (measurement frequency: three times a day)

Discreet LED display

Weight measurement
Measures weight (range from 2.5 kg to 150 kg) in jin, kilograms, or pounds.

Body composition measurement
11 overall indicators: weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat rate, skeletal muscle mass, de-fat weight, body water percentage, protein, bone mineral content, BMR (basal metabolic rate), visceral fat level, and heart rate

Heart rate measurement
Supports resting heart rate measurement

Smart recognition
Automatically recognizes and measures users based on weight, body fat, and other data. When the smart recognition malfunctions or fails, users can manually determine their own data based on basic information provided.

Historical data storage
Supports storage of a maximum of 512 groups of historical data

Low battery alarm
When the battery voltage is low for a long time, the LED displays LO and stops the measurement to remind the user to replace the battery.

Power on/off

Power on: When the weight on the scale is greater than 5 kg, the weight measurement feature will be automatically enabled.
Power off: The scale automatically powers off (the screen turns off) and enters low-power mode after finishing a measurement.

Compatible Phone System
Compatible with phones running Android 5.0 or later, and iOS 9.0 or later

What's in the box
1x Scale
1x Quick Start Guide