About us

About Gear4u

Gear4u is a outdoor sport and recovery specialist. We have gear for all runner, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Our passion is adventure sports, fresh air and great experiences.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people get outside and experience nature to its fullest, be it running your heart out on a trail or enjoying the scenery on a hike.

We believe being active outdoors serves as a foundation for personal discovery; as well as provides an environment that allows one to develop a personal awareness and respect for nature.

Exploring all the wonders nature has to offer is beneficial to mental and physical health for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. We hope to educate and inspire our customers.

We carry some of the leading brands in clothing, footwear, and gear in the outdoor sports industry to help make your next outdoor adventure a fun and memorable experience.   Our goal is to help you find the perfect items that not only work for you, but also enhance your experiences exploring the world.  From your backyard to the back country, we have the right clothing and Gear4u.


Our Story

Founded in 2020 on the principle that enjoying the outdoors leads to a better quality of life, Gear4u has the knowledge and the passion to help YOU with all your sports and recovery needs.

We are a family-owned business, based in Randburg as an online shop and you will probably see us at your next trail running event. We have friendly & expert sales staff ready to meet your needs.

Our wide selection of brands is hand-picked for their quality and performance when you need it. With a variety of Clothing, Footwear, Gadgets & Tech products we are sure that you'll find everything you need for your next  adventure.