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Aonijie is a trail running brand that brings you affordable and quality trail running gear. Hydration packs, soft flask, trekking poles and lots more

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  • AONIJIE Bladder 2L
  • Kids Hydration Systems
  • Aonijie Straw Adapter
  • Aonijie 450ml Soft Flask
  • AONIJIE Soft Cup 200 ml Round Grey
  • Aonijie windrunner 5L
  • Aonijie Moderate Gale 5L TEAL
  • 2.5L Moderate Gale Waistcoat TEAL
  • Aonijie Running Peak Cap Clip – One Size
  • Aonijie Quick Stow Straw Adapter
  • Aonijie 500ml Quick Stow Soft Flask
  • AONIJIE Bladder 1,5L
  • Aonijie Bladder 0,75L
  • Aonijie Moderate Gale 5L RED
  • Aonijie Moderate Gale 5L BLACK
  • 2.5L Moderate Gale Waistcoat BLACK